Lost Boys

Lost Boys, Book two in the American Nomad Series

By N.L. McLaughlin

Review by Abby Lane

A family lives in the house Tricia once shared with Daniel, but new ownership doesn’t prevent an ex-convict from breaking-in and retrieving something valuable. He’s been plotting revenge against his former wife and the son he once knew. He’s found Tricia…will he find Finn?

Tracking Finn might prove difficult as the young adventurer doesn’t live in any one place. This moody American Nomad hops trains and lives the life of a wanderer, traveling from place to place. With his partner Teague, and friends: Beth, River, Cash, Zac, and others, these nomads live simply. Surviving on odd jobs and dumb luck, their adventures take them to camp sites, motor inns, abandoned homes and even casinos. Like Finn, some nomads have pasts they’d rather not remember, but history has a way of creeping up from behind when least expected.

The nomads don’t know they’re being hunted. Will one mistake provide the clue that Daniel’s been looking for?

Lost Boys is book two of the American Nomads series. I enjoyed this novel. It opens with a compelling hook, one that sets the scene for the villain Daniel. A misunderstood character, I would have liked a stronger motivation for the chase. What caused his hatred, specifically towards Finn? Though whatever the reason, it did not hamper my reading pleasure.

N.L. McLaughlin delivers: a compelling if not original plot, rendering nail-biting suspense and a story that engages with the reader emotionally. The language felt a bit raw in places, but the prose seeped onto the page at a good pace and kept me reading to the end. In my opinion, the author succeeded in her story goals by making me care about her characters, the nomads. Readers will feel for these young adults; grieve for them, too. I enjoyed reading about their adventures, especially the train hopping, and I’m sure you will as well.

Readers who dream of living their life on the open road, will love Lost Boys.

Abby Lane is a Reedsy Discovery Reviewer. She received this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review. See the published review here:

Published by Abby Lane

Abby Lane is the author of the dark fantasy series, A Reign of Blood and Magic.

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