Dark. Evocative. Mesmerizing.

“Lane takes us into a dark world of myth and magic.

Her images are dark and evocative and at times entirely too realistic.”

—Katie O’Connor

Romanticizing a medieval world with musings of Dark Fantasy

Abby Lane weaves a colorful tapestry, intertwining her narrative with nostalgic threads that fantasy readers can relate to. Likened to the fairy tales of old, a dark world emerges where royals clash, myth and magic collides, and medieval characters battle to engage readers expectations with an emotionally satisfying story.

A Reign of Blood and Magic

Book One

Makes me nostalgic for all those epic fantasies that first got me interested in writing.

Jo Niederhoff, Manhattan Book Review
Book Two

A witch’s persecution of her stepdaughters leaves ample opportunity for dalliances in this fantasy/romance.

Kirkus Reviews
Book Three

Abby Lane spins an intricate supernatural tale around Norse deities, power, magic, vengeance, romance, and a fight between good and evil

Foluso Falaye, San Francisco Book Review

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