Dark. Evocative. Mesmerizing.

“Lane takes us into a dark world of myth and magic.

Her images are dark and evocative and at times entirely too realistic.”

—Katie O’Connor

Romanticizing a medieval world with musings of Dark Fantasy

Abby Lane weaves a colorful tapestry, intertwining her narrative with nostalgic threads that fantasy readers can relate to. Likened to the fairy tales of old, a dark world emerges where royals clash, myth and magic collide, and medieval characters battle to engage readers expectations with an emotionally satisfying story.

A Reign of Blood and Magic

Book One

Makes me nostalgic for all those epic fantasies that first got me interested in writing.

Jo Niederhoff, Manhattan Book Review
—A Medieval Romantasy—

The story that resides within my heart must be written; the characters are whispering.

Abby Lane
Book Two

. . . the story is rich and complex, with numerous engaging protagonists that make the prose dynamic, immersive, and ideal for fans of epic fantasy.

Self-Publishing Review

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