A Reign of Blood and Magic

Available April 21, 2020

The Scarlett Mark, Book 1

An entertaining romance for sword-and-sorcery fans.

Kirkus Reviews

…makes me nostalgic for all those old epic fantasies that first got me interested in writing.

Jo Niederhoff, Manhattan Book Review

Author Abby Lane unleashes a heroine-focused fantasy saga that boldly stands above a crowded genre with The Scarlett Mark.

Self-Publishing Review

Book Description

The first novel in Abby Lane’s Reign of Blood and Magic series “reprises beauty-and-the-beast themes with feisty characters and richly intriguing witchery.” —Kirkus Reviews

A Lord cursed for sixteen years.

A Princess manipulated by sorcery.

One enchanted evening is their only deliverance.

Seeking justice, Princess Scarlett challenges her stepbrother with a serpentine ordeal, unaware that her treasonous act will endanger her father the king, threaten her two royal sisters, and play into the premeditated plans of her stepmother—the queen.

A wicked sorceress, the scheming sovereign has an agenda of her own to steal the throne and rid the castle of her stepchildren. Soon condemned to death, a risk saves the princess from execution, but forces the queen to banish her from the kingdom, delivering her to certain death.

Cursed by the same spiteful witch, Lord Nicolai is most dangerous when transformed. Feared by everyone, he can’t see an end to his beastly life until the princess arrives at his ghostly manor. When a chase ensues to break the curse, the princess risks everything to save Lord Nicolai.

Will a remedy be found in time, and how might the solution impact an evil queen, should the Scarlett Mark prevail?

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Available July 14, 2020

The Ebony Queen, Book 2

The otherworldly effects are vivid and well rendered in this energetic tale.

Kirkus Reviews

The story is rich and complex, with numerous engaging protagonists that make the prose dynamic, immersive, and ideal for fans of epic fantasy.

Self-Publishing Review

In The Ebony Queen, Lane takes us into a dark world of myth and magic. Her images are dark and evocative and at times entirely too realistic. 

Katie O’Connor

Book Description

The second novel in Abby Lane’s Reign of Blood and Magic series“…is rich and complex, with numerous engaging protagonists that make the prose dynamic, immersive, and ideal for fans of epic fantasy.” Self-Publishing Review

A Queen’s quest for supremacy.

A Royal family threatened by the vengeance.

A Solomanic triangle is their means to deliverance.

Seeking revenge, Queen Cynara signs a blood contract with the devil Daemonis to gain new powers and enable her to conjure the highest level of Solomanic magic. Using an invocation spell, she shadows three princesses movements and tests her circle’s potential in the king’s forest, a forest the people say shelters evil. The action inters Ruby to a dark fate, binds Rose to the sea, and threatens Scarlett in a place that should earn peace, not further harm. Not even a god is safe from the queen’s sorcery.

But power comes with a price and unbeknownst to Cynara, the devil has a secret strategy. When a blood moon eclipses the night, Cynara invokes her magic in the king’s forest. Will her quest for supremacy prevail, and how might it challenge the current King Lowell, The Ebony Queen’s own son?

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The Immortal Blood, Book 3

An Orb opened after an act of sorcery.
A Kingdom impregnated by a single drop of blood.
The Art of War is the only grand strategy.

When an orb opens after an act of sorcery, an immortal infiltrates the kingdom of Velez through a single drop of blood. The blood impregnates the animal yolk, the cocoon of an undead king and a crippled queen, seeding new life and new worries.

The kingdom is threatened, but as lords’ scheme and privy councillors take power for their own; unknowingly, the king’s forest yields new life while an undead king escapes the mortar that has held him, giving rise to a mind that isn’t his own. The immortal desires retribution from the god who stole his former life, and he’ll use a woman, the ebony queen, to exact his revenge.

How might the birth of a new age affect the kingdom, the royal family, or a former queen who has kept a prince’s life secret from everyone. With the assistance of a witch’s sorcery, will the Art of War seed the ultimate strategy, permitting an immortal god to live again.

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