Jiving with a Royal

Jiving with a Royal

by Tomi Tabb

A review by Abby Lane

Amanda Collins has had a crush on the Prince of Wales for years. When she stumbles into him, she least expects her dreams to come true.

In book two of the Unexpected Royals series, the story opens with Amanda, Prince Edward, and his protection officers in California. A spirited woman and an amiable prince surf in La Jolla near San Diego. They find magic in one of my favorite places on earth…Disneyland. After reading this novel, readers might be inspired to revisit Beach Boys music or watch vintage episodes of I Love Lucy, an American sitcom. But a couple’s fun, fun, fun…comes to an end when Edward returns to England to take up his responsibilities in His Majesty’s Household Cavalry.

Amanda hopes to spend more time with her prince so searches for an opportunity to travel to England. The airline does not support a transfer, but a route opens for an overseas flight. Amanda accepts the opportunity and jets off to the UK. Once she arrives in London, something unexpected happens, leaving Amanda in a hurtful place.

In the second installment of the Unexpected Royal series, Tomi Tabb pens a sweet and sometimes humorous story on royalty, friendship, and love in her Jiving with a Royal novel. The author shows promise as an emerging writer. Her prose is written in a wholesome, straightforward, and easy to read manner. The novel has many highpoints, such as Prince Edward’s military training and his secretive lessons undertaken for Amanda. Even so, I felt like something was missing, and given how much I love real life royals, I would have liked a deeper and more in depth look at this couple. The story would be stronger if it focused more on the hero and heroine, specifically with more scenes together.

Though the author’s portrayal is realistic, given a prince has responsibilities which would keep him apart from his girlfriend, the military focus, while necessary to the plot, weakened the story.

The novel has a satisfying conclusion and a happily ever after for now ending. For readers who enjoyed Clara and David in book one, you’ll enjoy their return in book two.

This book is great for readers who love Royalty romance.

Abby Lane is a Reedsy Discovery Reviewer. She received this novel in exchange for an honest review. The original review was published on July 2, 2021 and can be viewed here.

Published by Abby Lane

Abby Lane is the author of the dark fantasy series, A Reign of Blood and Magic.

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